We build and foster a learning environment to fulfill the potential of each student academically and socially to equip them for further study and responsible citizenry in the world.


SIS combines a powerful academic tradition with an inclusive spirit and a warm, friendly environment. We celebrate academic excellence and collaboration, individuality as well as a community.


They are supportive, intelligent, dedicated, accessible, innovative, well-prepared, and open. Ask Scarsdale students to describe their teachers, and these are the adjectives repeated again and again.

Scarsdale International School

Welcome to the official website of Scarsdale International School. Over the years we have established a reputation on the basis of the quality of teaching imparted, leading to the success of many of our students at international universities and beyond. We provide constant encouragement to our students to explore and broaden their learning horizon in a favorable environment. Students at our school get a level of personal attention that invariably breeds confidence and ultimately success. To ensure that the students’ experience continues positively, they have access to fully equipped laboratories, library, internet, sports facilities, cafeteria, and a variety of healthy and exciting co-curricular activities. Browse through the website to explore the interactive strategies employed by our competent faculty to make every day memorable for our students.

Learning Management System

The learning management system (LMS) is an online system that enables distance learning within a website or web space. Schools can maintain online school-based services that can be accessed at anytime. The software also provides management tools, and can offer online training.

Scarsdale International School has a team of research and development specialists who are working to enhance the online learning experience through LMS. The customized distance learning solution deployed throughout the campus will allow teachers to upload results; progress reports and content for students to access through the internet, as they require. LMS can share a range of online content and facilitates effective communication between all stakeholders in the school.


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Meet Our Team

Lualdi Blacklaws
Lualdi BlacklawsDirector
Romuald Delattre
Romuald DelattrePrincipal
Fatima Ejaz
Fatima EjazK to 8 Coordinator