Teachers who can inspire and motivate as well as challenge their students are central and fundamental to a good learning program. The faculty at the school represents a wide diversity of backgrounds, training and teaching styles. They are all dedicated people who have the best interests of the students at heart. The grade determines whether the teacher is a specialist or a general teacher.

Students are taught specific course material determined by the curriculum. Examples and applications are provided from everyday life in order to make the learning experience real and relevant. Therefore the emphasis is not only on the theory but on the application and practice of the skills. The manner in which this is achieved is grounded in interactive teaching which includes a wide variety of activities to enhance the learning experience.

The interactive learning process starts with a focus discussion and from there, either in groups or individually, the process of learning branches into oral presentations, multi-media presentations, displays, cross-curriculum work, practical investigation, independent research, field trips to apply the knowledge and skills mastered, interviews and other ways to enhance and enforce the skills taught.