Principal’s Message
We believe that children need the right combination of two factors. First, they need a challenging, rich, and relevant academic experience. Our job as educators is to establish a foundation for future learning, shape the character development of children and prepare them for entry in to the real world. We strive to do this work in an environment which reflects the second essential factor. Children need a warm, nurturing and supportive community – one that helps them grow, as students and as people. Our guiding philosophy is to help students reach and surpass internationally competitive standards. The programs we offer have worldwide acceptability.

We also believe that along with quality education, personality development is crucial. We endeavor to develop self-confidence, independent thinking and the power of expression through a host of cross curriculum activities. I invite you to browse through our website and to visit us. When you walk through our school you will experience our dedication and commitment.We look forward to your visit and hope the exploration will be an intriguing and enriching experience. 

Romuald Delattre