Real world learning is demanding, challenging and needs to be comprehensive and innovative. The educational experience at Scarsdale is as engaging as it is rigorous and challenging. Learning happens in the classroom; on campus; throughout the city; and around the globe. Our students focus on both classic studies and contemporary subjects. We make use of the most innovative technologies and practices, while centering our curriculum on traditional principals of responsibility, excellence, and achievement.
Students at Scarsdale work hard in the classroom. They pursue a rigorous college preparatory cirriculum, one that challenges and, at the same time, develops creativity and intellectual maturity. Teachers are there to provide both structure and a caring atmosphere for learning.
Classes at Scarsdale are small—twelve students is the average size—and are defined by the participation of every student. The goal of the High School is not just academic excellence in the topic at hand, but the development of the intellectual capacity and desire to educate oneself in all topics. Indeed, we are defined by an emphasis on well-roundedness in learning, in preparation for a life well lived.
There is exhilaration in the learning process—an excitement with which students here are familiar. Scarsdale offers a wide array of courses so that each student has the opportunity to enrol in a challenging and interesting curriculum.
If you are a student who appreciates the value of hard work, who looks forward to challenge and who is interested in learning, – please join us.