Students are normally admitted at the beginning of the school year, during the month of August, however arrangements can be made for pupils to enter the school at other times during the year especially for students transferring from overseas. When a student is admitted during the school year, it is the student’s and the family’s responsibility to make up for any work missed
Admission is dependent upon:

  • A complete application form and payment of testing fee (Grades 2 to 12)
  • Copies of the applicant’s Birth Certificate or Passport.  (Original must be shown for confirmation.)
  • Vacation certificate
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Copies of the applicant’s school records for the past three years. (Originals must be shown for confirmation.)
  • An interview with the Coordinator, Principal or his/her designee
  • Satisfactory performance in the Mathematics and English Entrance Tests.  Occasionally tests in other subjects will be given dependent on educational history and level of entry.
  • Within one week of the offer of a place in the school, the payment of the non-refundable admission fee, and submission of a signed Agreement Form from the Parent and Student Handbook must be completed

Placement of students in grades and sections will take into careful consideration their age, social maturity, aptitude and previous educational record. Grade placement in the High School must consider the student’s transfer credits and progress toward meeting diploma and graduation requirements. Normally transfer students are not accepted into Grade 12 unless they come from a similar American High School program and have a strong academic record.

The school reserves the right to adjust the class placement offer when it appears to be in the best interest of the applicant; to refuse admission if the above conditions are not met by the due date; or when the papers submitted are subsequently found to contain any errors of omission or inexactitude. Admission may also be refused if the school does not have a program to meet the applicant’s needs, or if space is not available
Typical ages for the High School are:

  • Grade 9: 14 to 15 years
  • Grade 10: 15 to 16 years
  • Grade 11: 16 to 17 years
  • Grade 12: 17 to 18 years

Class assignments in the K-8 School section

Placement of students in the K-8 section will take careful account of their age, social maturity, aptitude and previous educational record. Placement is decided only once the interviews and/or testing procedure has been completed and assessed. Students are generally grouped as listed below, although exceptions may be made in the light of special circumstances and after consultation with the K-8 School Coordinator and Student Affairs Manager.

The minimum requirements according to age are:

(by September, 30th of year of entry)

  • Tiny Tots through to Tiny Tots 2: 2+ to 4 years.The child must be 2.4 years old for Tiny Tots 1 and 3 years old for Tiny Tots 2 . The child must be toilet trained and must be able to ask for basic items like water.
  • Nursery: 4+ to 5+ years.The child must be 4 years old for Nursery.
  • Kindergarten: 5+ to 6+ years. The child must be 5 years old for Kindergarten.
  • Grade 1: 6+ to 7+ years. The child must be 6 years old for Grade 1
  • Grade 2: 7+ to 8+ years. The child must be 7 years old for Grade 2
  • Grade 3: 8+ to 9+ years. The child must be 8 years old for Grade 3
  • Grade 4: 9+ to 10+ years. The child must be 9 years old for Grade 4
  • Grade 5: 10+ to 11+ years. The child must be 10 years old for Grade 5
  • Grade 6: 11+ to 12+ years. The child must be 11 years old for Grade 6
  • Grade 7: 12+ to 13+ years. The child must be 12 years old for Grade 7
  • Grade 8: 13+ to 14+ years. The child must be 13 years old for Grade 8

Students are expected be no more than two years older than these ages at the completion of the Academic Year.