Up coming events- Iowa presentation to parents.- Mathletics.- Exams

High school seniors were given a common room for studying, working, and relaxing during free time. They were introduced to the lounge with Dunkin Donuts refreshments in joy of their new space. Senior lounge is only for the graduating class excluding underclassmen and teachers. It is expected from seniors to keep the room intact. Up coming events·Mangla Dam Trip·Interschool sports·Midterm

During October, the elementary SRC campaign was held. There were candidates for activity club, sports club, and cultural club. A discipline squad was put together, which consisted of monitors from grades 1-8

Holi/Eid party

The Holi party took place on Friday September 29th. All the students of high school enjoyed throwing a variety of colors on each other. A celebration for Eid was also arranged which included various activities.

Upcoming events:

Mangla Dam trip •Interschool sports •Midterm exams