ID Cards

ID cards are given to all students, faculty and support staff each year. If a card is lost; or the string is broken; or the card is damaged; or the plastic covering is torn, it should be reported to the Student Affairs Manager and the resource team immediately on entering the school.
The Student Affairs Manager will arrange for another card to be issued or replacement of damaged components.

Dismissal Procedure

The school has a system of staggered dismissal. Parents or drivers are asked to line up outside the school gate until the dismissal officer announces the name of each child over the PA system. Parent or driver must have the dismissal identity card of the child before the child will be dismissed. Dismissal is done in an orderly fashion and each student is asked to leave through the security gate one at a time.


Students partake in different drills which are planned to prepare them face any unforeseen circumstances, like fire, earthquake, terrorists attacks. These drills are conducted on a regular basis.
The school takes ample measures to ensure the security of the students and its staff. Security measures include surveillance cameras, high perimeter walls with razor wires, 24/7 guards on duty, Garrett metal detector gate, and so on.