Scarsdale offers advanced courses to its high school students through the official Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. The AP Program is a collaborative effort among motivated students, dedicated teachers and committed high schools, colleges and universities.
Taking a minimum number of AP Courses is a requirement of the IBCC (Inter-Board of Committee Chairman) for granting equivalence to students wishing to study at Pakistan Medical Schools, Engineering Universities, LUMS, or in the U.K. and Australia. Student who may pursue university studies in Pakistan are usually required to obtain an equivalency diploma from the IBCC. All students at Scarsdale are encouraged to complete a minimum of two AP courses.
Most colleges and universities in the USA, as well as colleges and universities in more than 30 other countries, have an AP Policy for granting incoming students credit, placement or both on the basis of their AP Exam grades. Many of these institutions grant up to a full year of college credit to students who earn a sufficient AP grade in relevant subjects.

Students who wish to enrol in an AP course must show evidence of a strong work ethic, high grades (A or Bs) in prerequisite courses and obtain teacher recommendations / permission letters. If these three conditions are met, students may register for an AP course.

AP courses currently offered at Scarsdale (with prerequisites) include:

Prerequisite Course with A or Bs
AP World History
World Hisory 1 and 2
AP Biology
Biology & Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Chemistry & Algebra 1
AP US History
US History
AP English Literature
History 1,2 and 3
AP Physics
AP Micro & Microeconomics
Algebra 1
AP Studio Art
Two years of Art
AP European History
World History 1 -2
AP French
Frech 1 – 4
AP English Language
English 1,2 and 3


A student registered for an AP course must maintain at least a C grade in order to be eligible to be registered by Scarsdale to take the AP Exam. Failure to complete assignments or meet Scarsdale attendance requirements will also make a student ineligible to sit AP exams.